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What Do We Do?

The team behind has been managing IPv4 and IPv6 resources in ARIN and RIPE regions for more than 15 years. We do:

  • IPv4 and IP6 Lease
  • Autonomy System & Network Management
  • Managed LIR & Resource Sponsoring in RIPE
  • Cloud Infrastructure Consulting & Management

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We are passionate about our work. We have been successful for one simple reason - we drive business to our clients.


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Business Development

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Head of Sales

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Network Manager

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Our Services

Geo-location IP Addresses

Do you need IPv4 or IPv6 addresses in any specific geolocation. You have them with LeaseIPaddress!

Reverse DNS Delegation

Map your Apps to a specific domain name or your DNS servers with Reverse DNS zone delegation.

IPv4 & IPv6

Lease and rent of IPv4 & IPv6 resources. We will help you to make the most of your IP subnets.

Your own IP-based Cloud IaaS

We help your organization to build its infrastructure on the Cloud and to choose the best Cloud IaaS model.

Network Management

Do you need help with network monitoring & management? We can improve your network performance.

Smart DRaaS Solutions

Protect your digital assets agains from a natural or human disaster or service disruption with our DRaaS solutions.

/24 IPv4 Monthly Rental Pricing

ARIN Region

$149 / month
  • 1-year contract
  • Use on ARIN region
  • Online Customer Support
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Month To Month Contract

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RIPE Region

€139 / month
  • 1-year contract
  • Use in RIPE region
  • Online Customer Support
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Month To Month Contract

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Hosted IPv4 Solution

$99 per IPv4/mo + IaaS Fee
  • Monthly contract
  • Custom Cloud Infrastructure
  • U.S. Geolocation
  • 24/7 Support (Email, Phone)
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • E-Mail Marketing

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Frequently Ask Questions

Can I use leased IPv4 in my own network?

Yes! Once you sign the lease contract, we will reassign the IPv4 resources to be used with an ASN per your choice.

What is your refund policy?

There is no refunds for IPv4 and IPv6 address sales. Clients can choose IP subnets and assess them before lease or purchase. iP lease contracts are subject to clauses that regulate the terms of service and usage. Refund might be specified in the contract.

How do I check the reputation of an IPv4 block?

We will help you with that! We investigate the IP subnets usage history and check various blocks and blacklist. We cannot afford to lease or sell IPv4 blocks with a bad reputation. We usually do not buy or sell IP blocks used for spam or other use, which are used in violation of the Regional Internet registries guidelines.

Will you buy, sell or lease IPs used for mass mailing?

If the previous owner or the one who wants to rent the IPs have used them for legitimate newsletter marketing or plans to use them for mailing purposes that do not violate the Regional Internet registries guidelines, we would engage.

Why do I trust

Yes! We stand with our names, biographies. We are 100% transparent and accountable.

How am I protected if I buy IP space?

When we buy IPv4 transactions we an escrow agent. They securely holds your funds while the transfer is underway. Escrow agent validates a transfer. Your funds are safe. If the IPv4 transfer fails, they are returned to you by the escrow agent.

How long does it take to complete an IPv4 transfers?

If all required documents are in place, IPv4 transfers take: a) less than 1 week within the RIPE region; between 1 and 2 weeks in ARIN region; c) 2 weeks in APNIC region; 2 months in LACNIC (both parties must send paper copies of the signed transfer contract to LACNIC).

Can I transfer IP blocks issued by ARIN to another region?

Yes, when an organization with unused IP address space releases an IPv4 block to an entity that qualifies for it under the recipient RIR’s policy.



/24 IPv4 Blocks in 8 European Geolocations

March 152021

LeaseIPAddress announced the availability of IPv4 subnets in 8 European geolocations.

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IP & Domain Reputation Checker

March 052021

Spamhaus have announced the launch of a new tool - IP and Domain Reputation Checker.

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LACNIC Allows IPv4 transfers outside the region

December 122020

LACNIC allowed IPv4 transfers outside the region without the need for a merger or acquisition.

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